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Paragliding Tips

Learn How to Paraglide Better!

In this section, we have pieced together some useful resources to learn how to paraglide and fly cross country better!

Study past flights and thermal locations

Thermal.kk7 uses thousands of past flights to determine the most likely source of thermals. This is great when trying to learn what has been done at new sites.

Post flights and study other peoples flights

XContest is used by pilots world wide to record flights and compete for daily distance contests. This site is great for seeing max distances flown at sites and studying how they were flown.

Find new places to fly!

Paragliding Earth is a great resource to find new places to fly! A lot of the data is user generated so you can see what the locals have to say about the site. *Note* some sites may be closed down or not represented on the website.

Check out these instructional videos!

Learn about USA airspace!

I made this video to explain some of the FAA rules that affect paraglider pilots, how to identify airspace on a sectional chart and what airspace you are allowed to fly in. 

See airspace maps for free by clicking here.

Subscribe to my channel to see more videos!

The Flybubble Paragliding Channel helps you to fly better. Subscribe at… and be the first to see their latest videos! They produce regular instructional videos for paraglider pilots. They investigate the latest free flight gear. And we help you get the best out of the flying lifestyle.

Need a good Podcast?

Hosted by Paraglider Pilot Gavin McClurg. Gavin interviews paragliding experts on all aspects of flying and life.

New Site Planning tool!

If you are interested in creating a new site, check out the GlidePlanner app by clicking the link below.

Plan that record breaking flight!

XCPlanner is a great app for cross country planning.

Hike and Fly Planner

See where you can make it on glide from any mountain in the world!

Fly Local Tasks!

Fly one of the local tasks to see how you rank amongst local pilots!