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Boulder Forecast (European Model)

Understanding the winds at NBR

If the arrow is in the green it is in a good direction but that isn’t the only thing you should look at. Make sure you check winds aloft and behind the hill. If there are strong winds from the west aloft (>20kts at 12k feet) or at sites behind the hill, it could quickly switch west and become very gusty and dangerous on launch. Avoid Gust factors greater than 10mph

0 – 6mph: Flyable but not soarable

7-10mph: Weak but soarable

10 – 14mph: Perfect

14-20: Strong – Advanced pilots only

Above 20: DANGER – Too strong!

The following data is shown from the NCAR Mesa Lab just 5 miles south of launch at an altitude of 300 feet above town. Look for trends in the last 24 hours to see if hazardous winds have occurred recently.

Temperature plot Pressure plot
Wind speed plot Wind direction plot

Wind Table - Mesowest & Weather Underground Data

Station Speed (mph) Gust Direction Temp (°F) Humidity (%)

Get the Big Picture

Great description of current and future local weather.

Easy to interpret visualization of the European wind model.

Useful for determining the large scale weather patterns and what large scale winds can be expected.

Useful for determining the location of the jet stream

From NOAA can be hit or miss but is a good quick reference

Quick reference to see if there is any potential for soaring. Can forecast day of or a few days out. 

This website has useful soaring predictions for both wave and thermic conditions. Check out the “Boulder 270 Section” wavelength and strength predictions.

Interactive Skew T graphs. If you have an android download the app: Skew T

Quick reference to see if there is any potential for soaring. Can forecast day of or a few days out. This model was paid for by the RMHPA

Most recent sounding from the stapleton site. Note: This is not a forecast these were actual sounding data. Data is gathered twice a day at 0600 and 1800 local time. 

Euro - Model Wind Data


Surface Gust

10,000 ft

14,000 ft